• 2018 Spring Racing Carnival Men's Style Guide

    Spring Racing Carnival has hit again and for some this a chance to have fun with their outfits.
    Whether you have gone to your favourite store to purchase their seasonal styles, commissioned a custom made to measure number or gone all out with a bespoke suit, here at Tolley Savile Row we believe putting a bit of your personality in the outfit is vital.

    The "Rules"

    The rules are pretty straightforward and not too strict like the work uniform.
    - Jacket and Collared Shirt-
    - Socks must be worn in VRC areas (Bird Cage and Marquees)-
    - No Denim-
    - Dress Shoes-



      Wearing a suit is an easy option, there are four options; Blue, Grey, Black or Beige. Any shades of these are beautiful and many men would own at least one.


      Here you can have a little more fun and play around with colour and patterns. Just remember you still want to look stylish, not clownish.


      Patterned shirts are a great option with a solid colour suit or separate and can inject some colour and personality into your look. Less pattern layering is critical, otherwise, it will become too busy.


      Leather dress shoes are the code, but that doesn't mean everyday work shoes. Brogues, Double Monks and Loafers are all acceptable options. Even look into wearing suede leather to give your outfit a more casual the look.

      Style Guide for Each Day

      Here are five outfits styled for each major race day, feel free to personalise each to suit.

      Caulfield Cup

      As the Caulfield Cup is a bit more casual, but we still want you to look smart. So we went for easy-wear separates with a splash of colour in the pocket square. A versatile outfit with many colour combinations possible for the day.


      Derby Day

      Derby day is a more traditional race day; history shows many gentlemen wearing a morning suit. Through the years many have opted to change to wearing a suit but still try to keep the black and white theme. Here we added a twist with the Glen check sports jacket over a classic outfit, with a colour highlight from a Corn Flower.

      Melbourne Cup

      The Melbourne Cup is the heart of the carnival, with shades of blue being the most worn colour for the gentlemen. This outfit we used the pocket square to mimic the yellow rose and added complementary highlights of purple for a bit of fun.

      Oaks Day

      Although the race day is for the ladies, the men/partners are the accessories for the day. Not to outshine your partner, we have put together an outfit with personality. Playing off the various colours within the sports jacket to match separates and accessories.

      Stakes Day

      The day set for families is one to be relaxed but also at the ready. Comfort is vital running after kids and avoiding any miss-haps, we have gone with a wool sports jacket with a heavy wearing twill chino. A tie is optional on this day, and we have created a comfortable outfit with multiple options.


      *For more information please contact us HERE or in-store at 111 Toorak Rd, South Yarra 3141 Victoria, Australia.

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