• Bespoke Melbourne Tailoring

    This page will be dedicated to our in-house bespoke tailoring.

    We have currently have a new apprentice who is showcasing great skill and talent early on in his career.

    Being a true form of Bespoke there is no limit to what we can achieve in design and style for all our clientele.

    Master and apprentice

    Master & Apprentice

    Like many traditional tailoring houses from around the world, we have our own "house cut" but this doesn't stop any client wishes, although we always use our patent armhole pattern.

    This armhole maximises comfort and movement for the wearer whilst maintaining a beautiful tailored silhouette. 

    Richard drafting up a modified JFK pattern for a client.

    We have a great selection on fabrics in-house or a wide range of fabrics from the best mills in the UK and Italy.

    Trousers made in Dormeuil Excel natural stretch Wool

    Field jacket made from Zegna Wool/Silk & Cashmere

    Gurkha pants made in Heilds Calvary Twill

    Suit made in Fox Brothers Flannel


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