• Different Made To Measure Fits at Tolley Savile Row

    Here at Tolley Savile Row we offer a Made to Measure system that goes a step further than the rest.
    Many offer a single style block garments that are then modified to the clients silhouette. Instead, we offer four different blocks, which can be adjusted to suit the client.
    This in hand gives a better final result.
    Tolley Fit. 
    Our tailored modern day fit, this is perfect for the average man. Someone with a regular shoulder to waist proportion. 
    Tolley Fit
    AHT Fit.
    This is a traditional English "Drape" cut. Perfect for an athletic build, broad shoulders with a tapered waist line.
    AHT Fit
    John Morgan Fit.
    Classic fit, this is for the gentleman who wants more room overall. With a comfortable shoulder and a relaxed waist.
    John Morgan Fit
    Dragon Red Fit.
    Skinny or Slender fit. This is for the gentlemen who isn't overly muscular or bulky. A slender silhouette through out the whole suit. 
    Dragon Red Fit
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