• How to dress for the Countryside

    Dear Field,


    Thirty years ago, a dear School friend, Tom, welcomed me to a weekend away at his families estate. They were benevolent hosts and had companions from all over the nation stay.


    We travelled into town for supplies and a brisk lager at the Stock and Station specialist. Noting the barmen dressed in Harris Tweed and Corduroy.


    Heading back to the estate, Tom clarified it was an idea to get dressed up for their visitors from the City.


    "Some city-folk forget to wear a hat, suitable footwear and long sleeves in the late spring sun" quoted Tom.


    An Oxford or Check shirt, coordinated with a light cotton neckerchief or cravat. Trousers or Chinos are adequate with brogues or chukka boots.


    Winter and Autumn in the region is a brilliant time for design in the fields. Close your eyes and envision this rich palette of reds, gold, greens, browns and orange.


    A tweed jacket over a cashmere jumper brushed cotton shirt with Cavalry twill and wool Jeans or pants.


    Pack a shirt for daytime and one for the night, gumboots, extra socks, a couple of boots. A felt hat or tweed cap for winter or a straw cap for summer. On the off chance that you may be riding, shooting or playing polo it is best to pack your hardware.

    When you arrive at the estate, it is customary to bring blossoms or chocolates and wine for the host.

    If you wish to buy such attire for the Countryside, drop into our atelier to talk with one of our experts today. 

    Talley Ho,


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