• How to wear a suit beyond the office.

    We all look to get the most out of what we pay for in life, especially when purchasing a made to measure or bespoke suit.
    The suit will always have a corporate stigma about it, but there are ways to dress it down, the steps are quite simple.

    Versatile Design.

    When designing your suit think about the possibility of wearing the pieces separately. This way you can create the jacket as an optional sports jacket.

    Remove the Tie.

    Taking off the tie after work and opening another button will relax the look of your outfit.

    Swap the shirt for a Polo or T-shirt

    This method is taking a formal look and replacing parts for casual elements. Swapping the shirt for a Polo or plain T-shirt.

    Odd Trouser or Jacket

    You can choose to swap out your jacket or pants; most likely it will be the jacket unless you have taken the versatile design approach spoken before. The option of leaving the tie on will keep the look smart, remove the tie and it drops the formality again.

    Change the Shirt, Keep the Suit

    Changing your shirt from an everyday business style it a more colourful or patterned shirt can do the trick. Popping the collar over your jacket is a personal choice.

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