• How to find the right wedding suit for your special day

    Your wedding day is the single most important day of your entire life, not only for yourself but your future partner as well. It's the one day you should look your very best while standing in front of family and friends with your loved one.
    Some feel the pressure when choosing the right outfit for this day and need little professional assistance. Your tailor is your "other" best man before the day arrives. With years of experience making Grooms and Groomsmen suits since 1991, we invite you to our tailoring house, help you relax, inspire and guide you through every step and need. 

    Often a bride/partner will have a particular colour palette in mind for the wedding attire, so both parties will match.
    Although you may not know what the bride will wear in many cases, you will still be able to find out the colours of the wedding through the bridesmaid's dresses and the flower arrangement.
    With this information, our fitters can guide you through appropriate fabrics and accessories to match for your perfect outfit.
    We have 1000s of fabrics to choose from and if you can't find the one you want from our books do not worry, as we can source the exact or similar fabric for you.
    Our made to measure system offers a wide range of details, for those looking for something extra special we offer in-house bespoke with endless details available.
    We are here to make this a stress free and enjoyable experience, leaving you with one thing in mind, your future partner!


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