• How to wear denim with suits

    Denim has a long history in the rag trade; many have said "I wish I invented denim jeans"; as they have taken over the fashion world.
    So what is good denim?
    Denim is woven cotton in a twill pattern that is usually dyed "indigo" blue. The best indigo dye is organic and never fades, but due to the popularity of denim, a synthetic dye has replaced the natural.
    This synthetic dye is the indigo most known with denim, which fades over time.
    The Japanese in the early years bought a lot of old hand weaving machines from the Americans when they moved into mass production.
    Nowadays, the hand-woven organic cotton and dyed denim are rated the highest of quality you can purchase.
    Here at Tolley Savile Row, we use Japanese selvedge denim. Selvedge meaning the denim is woven in one piece and not cut smaller then rolled onto bolts, ensuring strength.
    As an easy rule when purchasing any denim jeans; the darker (raw) the denim, the more formal. With shirting the lighter, the more formal.
    *For more information about Bespoke or Made to Measure Denim jeans or shirts please contact (03) 9820 - 0007 or email admin@tolleysavilerow.com.au*


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