• Spring Wedding Season

    Sicilian-wedding-Panarea Island-Sicily

    Spring is in the air and the sun is starting to shine and man and beast are turning their minds to the season of love.

    In Melbourne that means, weddings, ponies and Champagne. The ladies have already begun planning and buying their outfits for the season so it's now time that the well-groomed Gentlemen hurries to his tailor and starts to plan his wardrobe. Of course the most important sartorial occasions of  spring and summer are Weddings, if a guest, groomsman, father of the bride or groom, it is essential to be properly kitted out.

    Our work room is already busy making the first orders of the season so tempus fugit, either email telephone or walk into one of our stores and speak to one of our team who are all experts in the art of Formal wear. Robert and I were reminiscing recently about how many years we have been at the pointy end of the men’s luxury tailoring trade and how our team of tailors and staff have almost 200 years of combined knowledge!  We have lost count of the number of brides and mothers of the bride that we have helped to fulfil their dream of a well turned out Gent on their arm. After all a happy woman ensures a long a peaceful existence.

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    Sicilian wedding in Panarea Island off Sicily.

    Last season we saw an increase in the number of couples getting married in South East Asia and the Pacific islands (beach weddings being the most fashionable) this throws up a number of challenges. How formal will the dress code be? Will the Bridal party wear formal traditional attire, what do the guests wear? The answer to all these conundrums is look to history for guidance, Evelyn Waugh and the excellent film adaptations of his books makes for a great starting point. So the by-word for Weddings in the Tropics is LINEN!! or Linen, silk, cotton blends. Fortunately one of our favourite (exclusive to us in Australia) Mills in Biella, Tessilstrona specializes in cerimonia (ceremony) fabrics, there silk/ wool and wool silk linen mixes are the finest in the world.

    So with a lighter brighter colour palette to work with and amazing super lightweight materials the theme takes shape. But only a very few tailors in the world can handle super lightweight fabrics, they are extremely hard to work and when worn in hot humid climate can behave very badly if not seasoned (cloth like wine needs to be rested in a temperature and humidity controlled room for 3 months after finishing) and constructed appropriately.

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    So we have the most difficult wedding scenarios covered. That leaves the country wedding, the garden wedding and the traditional formal Church and reception affair. Country folk being very conservative and traditional (Black Tie still required for the best B & S’s) tend to choose charcoal grey and navy lounge suits (100% Wool of course) or the dinner suit option for an afternoon wedding. The Garden wedding has become one of the most popular affairs especially in Melbourne as there is such a large number of magnificent public and private gardens all looking resplendent in Spring. With this romantic style of wedding a three-piece suit in the de rigueur lighter blue of the moment. A morning suit would also work well.

    For the Formal Church and reception nuptials a more formal approach is in fashion. Many couples choose to have two outfits one for the Church and one for the reception. This is an excellent idea as it allows the Bride to change into an evening gown for the reception and the men to “change for dinner” and wear a dinner suit for the reception. For the religious ceremony a lounge suit is the most popular and usually all the groomsmen will wear exactly the same suit. We advise couples to think about the groom in having a point of difference to the groomsmen.

    The options are numerous so feel free to come in, have a coffee and talk to one of our specialists and canvas the myriad of choices we can provide. Please visit our website or our dedicated wedding page for more information.

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