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A True Bespoke Experience

"The ingenuity of style, where style is everything" - John King Wilson

A bespoke suit is a garment like no other. It is more then just clothing, it is the pinnacle of tailoring. Allowing for the highest level of customisation, giving you complete choice of style, fabric, features & fit. A true bespoke garment is entirely hand-made and hand-finished. Only a very few tailors in the world can make such garments. Some of the very expensive 'big-name' labels say they are hand-made but are in effect made on a factory production line (with a high degree of skilled hand work) and the pattern is a stock house pattern with size adjustments.   

Bespoke Tailoring

John Morgan & Co.

Our London Tailoring house of John Morgan & Co. was founded in the early 1800's during the period of the Napoleonic wars, the time of Wellington & Nelson. Headed by one of Savile Row's most colourful and illustrious tailors John King Wilson. He was the only Savile Row Tailor ever to cut for an American President and a British Prime Minister at the same time: John. F. Kennedy & Harold Macmillan.

Since the Napoleonic wars we have been outfitting Gentleman from the military, political, diplomatic and the commercial world. John Morgan & Co. is available exclusively through Tolley and is the only genuine London Bespoke House operating in Australia.

Bespoke Tailoring 2

Our Bespoke Process


Our Bespoke Clients are offered a level of service that is unique and only available to a select few. You may avail yourself of our service in either London or Australia. Established clients of the house can choose to be visited in capital Cities of Europe, America, the Middle East or Asia.


Before the meeting we will discuss by telephone what particular fabrics and season is required so as to narrow the field and preselect a wide range of appropriate fabrics.


Once a selection is made we will measure up and note carefully all the styling details requested. i.e. width of lapel, shape of collar, width of cuffs, rise of trousers, etc, etc.


The final fitting is when the garment is completely finished and ready to take home or further small adjustments can be made. Once the garment is finally finished your pattern will be adjusted by your cutter to take into account all the alterations so as the next order can be taken “forward” unless you have changed shape.

This is the reason we have served generations of families and welcome new customers to experience our unique cut, style and finish to each and every garment we produce by hand. If you would like to experience the pleasure of a Bespoke suit, sports jacket or shirt please contact us.

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