100% Cotton Non-Iron Shirts

Unless you have a full time maid I’ve found that non-iron shirts are the way to go. I admit I’m not a fan of ironing (who is?) and I’m tired of watching my favorite shirts slowly disintegrate as a result of the brutal pressing techniques employed at my local dry cleaner. It’s really very clever that a 100% cotton shirt is now able to resist wrinkling, not just straight out of the wash, but after a solid day’s wear. How is it possible you ask? Well the cotton fibres are treated and heated in the manufacturing process and they continue to remain aligned, soft and “straight” after many wears and many washes. It’s particularly handy when travelling, (no more wrestling with the hotel ironing board). Although the non-iron shirt phenomenon is now as ubiquitous as stringless beans, (add two more “inventions” here) not all non-iron shirts are created equal. They still have to look and feel like pure cotton of old, (otherwise it might as well be made of polyester sia sucker). Look for breathability, a cloth with ‘body’, and of course, the weave is still important. My current three favourite styles are:

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