Custom Made to Measure Men’s Overcoat for the Melbourne Man

When dressing for an occasion, whether it is heading to a business meeting or a formal function, putting a casual jacket over a tailored suit diminishes the look. Bulky rain jackets end up making the serious businessman look more like an outdoor adventurer; the lightweight jackets are better left for the casual weekends. A made to measure men’s overcoat from our Melbourne tailor will give you the luxury top layer style you need to maintain your professional look. At Tolley Savile Row, we go beyond merely wanting you to stay warm to helping you acquire a custom men’s overcoat in Melbourne that is the perfect fit, style and material for your needs.

Perfectly Fitting Men’s Overcoat Made in Melbourne

You want your suit to be a perfect fit for your body shape, but so should your overcoat. Our overcoats are made to measure by our trained fitters who use several methods to measure you such as a tape measure, assessment of your body profile, and fitting garments. This ensures that you get a comfortable and appropriate custom men’s overcoat tailored to your body shape and posture. A person of a slim build would look somewhat overburdened in a roomy, loose-fitting coat, just as an athletic frame does not want to feel restricted in a tightly made overcoat.

Our Melbourne tailors have four different block sets available for use when fitting for a made to measure overcoat. This gives a more precise measure between someone who has regular proportions from shoulder to waist and the men who are of an athletic build or a slender frame. Our men’s outfitter then guides you through the fabric selections and detailing of the coat.

A significant way to add detail to your custom men’s overcoat is to talk to our Melbourne tailors about lapels, pockets and button varieties. This is an essential way to add more personality to your coat than with the fabric only.

Exclusive Quality Fabric

We have a high standard for the fabrics we use. Our access to prestigious mills in England and Europe gives us the advantage of ordering fabrics and trimmings that are exclusive and unique. Our clients can then select from a wide range of textiles that are high quality and therefore have a custom overcoat that will last through many cold winters in Melbourne.

Our knowledge of the style trends that filter throughout the seasons and years means we are constantly keeping up with the modern-day fabric styles. This is to ensure that your men’s overcoat not only fits and is comfortable but also looks stylish and fashionable.

When you opt to have a made to measure overcoat you are investing in quality and luxury material that will be handmade to the highest standard with each stitch. Our skilled fitters will understand your unique requirements to create a coat that perfectly works with your suit, style and personality. Contact us today and let us polish off your look with a tailored overcoat.

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