Four Reasons to Start Loving Tailor Made and Wearing Custom Tailored Men’s Suits from Tolley Savile Row in Melbourne

Custom tailored suits enjoy rising popularity in Australia. Indeed, our tailored suits in Melbourne are in high demand. Tailor-made was already a preferred choice for many middle-aged to older men. Now, research shows that professionals between 25 and 50 also favour tailor-made over conventional. What is so special about a suit tailored just for you?

Why Young Professionals Choose Men’s Tailored Suits in Melbourne

Anyone can guess the first reason. Custom tailored suits from Melbourne-located Tolley Savile Row lend men a professional and polished air. This trait often becomes apparent to first-timers when they've been invited to join a wedding celebration.

We admit, understanding how excellent a tailor-made suit is, doesn't always come as an epiphany. Sometimes, the wedding invitee needs quite a bit of persuasion from friends before entering our shop and letting us take their measurements. The realisation that they made an excellent choice usually only comes when the suit is ready, and our client returns to see if it fits, or indeed, how well it fits. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of smooth and soft clothing crafted especially for you.

The Second Reason

In 2016, a global study showed that Australia's population has grown taller over the past century. We owe this to improved health care, nutrition and hygiene. This simple fact makes it difficult for us to find clothing that truly fits. Our tailor-made suits in Melbourne are the solution to this problem.

Letting Go of Insecurity

The third reason why our customers adore our men’s tailored suits in Melbourne is that they feel more confident. A suit from Tolley Saville Row will fit you like a second skin, accentuating your best traits. Also, you'll feel splendidly comfortable in a model which exactly matches your body type. We have a multitude of bolts of cloth waiting for you, from esteemed textile mills in the UK and Italy.

Last But Not Least: Highly Affordable

A tailor-made suit is no longer a privilege reserved just for executives or managers. Neither does a custom suit cost an arm and a leg anymore. Modern technology enables us to craft suits at considerably reduced prices compared to a few decades ago. At the same time, the quality of our suits has remained consistent over the years. Consider one more simple fact which is easily overlooked: a suit from a renowned fashion house is almost always more expensive than a custom tailored suit. The difference in price goes into your pocket.

Do not Wait to Let Others Persuade You

Claim the credit for yourself when you astonish both family and friends with your impeccable new look. Visit us in Melbourne. Our doors are open to you. Are you already convinced of the many benefits a tailor-made suit offers, but uncertain which accessories fit best? Ask us. We're always happy to help.

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