Why You Need a Made to Measure Suit in Melbourne from a Leading Formal Men’s Tailor

Clothes say a lot about a person. First impressions based on appearance can indicate certain things such as the type of job someone has, whether they may have a serious or carefree personality or if they take pride in the way they dress. If you want to give a good first impression, a selection of made to measure suits from a Melbourne tailor will speak volumes in the workplace or at a formal occasion. At Tolley Savile Row, our team have over 100 years’ combined experience tailoring suits for different body shapes in various styles.

Get Your Made to Measure Suits in Melbourne

Trying on suits of different styles, sizes and colours can be exhausting and usually ends up leaving most men confused or overwhelmed with the options available. When you opt to have a suit tailor made you are guaranteed to get one that fits well, looks good and is purchased from one place. Made to measure men’s suits from our Melbourne business is custom created with measurements taken from an initial consultation. The straightforward fitting guides you through the fabric selections exclusively designed for our clients; then you can relax while your suit is produced.

Unlike most tailors, we have four different block sets we use to get the perfect fit of your suit. This allows our made to measure tailor for Melbourne men to create better a suit that fits well for diverse body shapes. For example, the Tolley fit is ideal for the average man with a regular shoulder to waist proportion who is after a high-quality modern work suit. Alternatively, the Dragon Red fit works well on a slender frame. For men with an athletic build or who want a more comfortable roomy fit, we accommodate with our other block sets that will give them a tailored fit from the shoulders through to the waist and pants.

A tailored day suit or formal suits from our Melbourne garment-makers are made from luxury fabrics sourced from mills in the UK and Italy. These exclusive materials are of top quality and designed to outlast suits purchased off the rack. Our tailors take extreme care to make sure the ensembles are stitched with precision and thus prolonging the life of the suit.

A Suit for Your Style

We will guide you through the process of which fabric will meet the requirements of your day suits or made to measure formal suits from our Melbourne atelier. Your personality and own style can show through with the fabric selection as well as other design options such as lapels, pockets, and buttons.

With our experience, skills and exclusive fabrics, we will create a suit that was made for you, so you can step out in confidence and comfort. If you want to shop for a suit without the stress, contact us today for a suit that has a luxury fit and feel.

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