Golden Tips To Buying Your First Men’s Suit at Tolley Savile Row Custom Tailors in Melbourne

A tailored suit doesn't cost a fortune anymore. The days that buying one leaves you penniless are fortunately over, at least they are at Tolley Savile Row, Melbourne men’s tailor. Here you'll find high-quality custom suits at a well affordable price.

Nonetheless, when you're switching from retail to tailored, grant yourself a moment to consider a few important elements. A suit requires time for crafting, so why should you rush your decision? At Tolley Savile Row, you can reflect at leisure.

The Right Time to Buy at Tolley Savile Row Custom Tailors in Melbourne

When we speak of the right time, we're not referring to the seasons. Many suits are suitable to wear in any season. A suit for colder days usually weighs a tiny bit more and is made of tweed, wool, flannel or corduroy. Is the weather sunny and warm? Then don a suit in lighter wool, linen, mohair or cotton.

There is no wrong season to wear a suit. What we mean by the right time is that you shouldn't wait until your present clothes are threadbare. Treat your wardrobe well and replenish it regularly.

Buying Your First Suit - Where should you start?

As your Melbourne custom tailor, we'll probably advise you to start with a dark blue suit. The world's most fashionable man might have a thousand suits, but without a dark blue one, his wardrobe wouldn't be complete. Blue combines well with almost anything. The second suit you should invest in will most likely be grey. As soon as you have these two colours, you can give free rein to your personal taste. Do you fancy formal stripes, casual plaid, or lighter colours? It's fine. Don't overdo it though with stitching in contrasting colours, initials or a statement text, or half a dozen golden buttons on your sleeves. Such details are playful, but the novelty usually doesn't last long.

At Tolley Savile Row, we like to speak of investing in a suit instead of merely buying. High-quality suits like the ones we make from splendid textiles, created in the UK and Italy, will stay with you for five to ten years. They'll never be out of fashion either. Investing in two suits from us is better than acquiring five average suits.

A Suit from Tolley Savile Row Should Fit You, Not the Other Way Around

Suits have the astonishing ability to boost your self-confidence. Nonetheless, as your personal men’s tailor in Melbourne, we urge you not to be timid when your suit is ready, and you return to us to fit it. There is no such thing as too wide or too tight. A well-crafted suit is in balance with your body; it follows your contours. If you don't feel 100% comfortable in it, or if the textile isn't what you expected, don't hesitate to tell us. We always listen. This also applies if you want to ask us for online advice. We're always there for you.

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